Career with Us

The perfect place to start your career with a wonderful work environment. You will be trained by experienced professionals on the best manner in which to present yourself to the client.

Job DutiesĀ 

  • Designing technical workflows for system pertaining to given business requirement.
  • Application development and solutioning in Health Care domain.
  • Design, develop and execute software solutions to address business issues.
  • Define features, development phases, and solution requirements.
  • Find the best tech solution to solve existing business problems.
  • Interpret business requirements to articulate the business needs to be addressed.
  • Directly responsible for Designing and ensuring successful delivery of this solution.
  • Working on system enhancement to help client to manage its business.
  • Troubleshoot code level problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Write Pseudocode with the same logic and conventions as programming code but without the syntax required by programming languages for the computer to compile and run the code. This will help and easy to understand how the logic needs to be written and the process flows.
  • Define the overall structure of the application program or system and ensure it is implemented with agreed architecture and infrastructure.
  • Transform the ongoing business requirement into actual implementation with a proper design which suits the present mode of operation and future mode of operation.
  • Provide architectural blueprints to software development team.
  • Evaluate and recommend tools, technologies, and processes to ensure the highest quality product platform.
  • Document all the work using required standards, methods, and tools that include internal tools as well.
  • Execute test plans and verify proper operation of completed system implementations.
  • Focus on development, implementation, maintenance, and support. Collaborate with development teams and monitor the entire development process.
  • Lead the development projects and providing the technical guidance to the offshore development/Support team.
  • Develop and implement the assigned projects, conduct code review, and provide end to end solution, executing the development work on integrating various applications within project.
  • Research, diagnose, troubleshoot, and identify solutions to resolve critical system issues.
  • Work with cross functional teams involving challenges, tight deadlines, and changing variables, any roadblocks to deal with.
  • Work on technical challenges such as reproducible issue or problem materially or cross functionality impact, significantly affecting the functionality.
  • Brainstorming sessions with each individual teams on specific challenges to build new solutions.
  • Discuss with teams on pain points, potential problems within applications and solutions.